Where do you post your pics online, and why?

The plethora of dedicated photo sites like flickr, Instagram, 500px (and many others), along with the popular social juggernauts like facebook, twitter and Google+ and the cloud data tools like Dropbox which are recently pushing into photo sharing, nowadays makes it increasingly diffiicult to stay one just one website for all photo-related stuff.

Some are feature-strong like G+, but might lack the social reach into your peers. Others might be very well connected, but deep-editing and manageing pictures is either poorly featured (facebook) or even absent (twitter). Dedicated photo sites have a hard time acquiring 'normal' people (in the sense of: not a photography enthusiast or even professional), but offer great editing and manageing tools along with sophisticated tag and metadata search functions.

So I am asking you people: what platforms are you using for sharing your photos online? What is the balance of your choice? Is it social outreach or the convenience of a feature-complete photo site? Do licensing and ownership issues matter to you? Do you access them the 'traditional' way through your browser or do you prefer mobile apps?

In my case, I am sitting on an older flickr Pro membership that still allows unlimited upload and is ad-free. Flickr offers great search and the 2013 redesign really puts emphasis on the pictures, which I find very appealing. But because barely anyone I know is on flickr, I do have an Instagram account for sharing pics among my friends. I do not use facebook (deleted my account two years ago) and I've observed (asking my friends) that less and less people do anything more than instant messaging through it. Almost everyone moved to Instagram for photo sharing, other sites/apps are close to irrelevant.

So, in my case, it comes down to these simple equations:

flickr = great tools, search, storage

Instagram = where my friends are