The official Comic Book Club suggestions thread

Hey, in response to some periodic interest, I'm going to run a trial Comic Book Club in the month of October. At least at first, this won't be quite like the Book Club, where we have four weeks of threads, a moderately long read, and (gods willing) a podcast. I'm thinking of it as a kind of informal monthly salon -- here's some comics/a graphic novel! Let's have an open thread for the month to talk about it! So here's what I need from you guys: give me comics you want to read.

Here's two considerations to keep in mind:

  • Length - if we decide we want to go through something long like From Hell or Blankets, this is pretty much moot. It's a big single volume. We'll read it, and if it's From Hell, we'll then read the fifty-page dissertation at the end of it. For shortish but discrete stories, we'll just have to decide whether we think there'll be enough to talk about. But let's say we're really excited about the Constantine TV series and decide to read Hellblazer. Do we stay with one volume? If not, how many? If so, which volume? Which brings us to...
  • Cost - All those volumes are going to start getting expensive. Which is, oddly, maybe a bigger problem with discrete graphic novels. If we decide on something like Maus, are we going to do the two-volume set?

That's pretty much it, so suggest away. I'll make up a poll based on your recommendations, assuming I get any, sometime in the next week.