Surface Rt as extended display of my laptop ?

I'm getting a surface through the university promo, it will be a while until i get it (delays due to the high number of orders)

But i would like to know if it's possible to have the Surface connected to my laptop through wi-fi working as a extended display .

Does the native remote desktop tool, or any remote desktop app allows it ?

It a extra screen while programing would be a HUGE plus..



After a lot of research i i did found this, but it’s about win7.

Which editions of Windows 7 include multiple-monitor support for Remote Desktop Connection? .

on my laptop i can’t select that option, not sure if it’s because of windows 8 or because it’s not a enterprise version


.Also end up finding this;

And it has been ported for ARM , int' there any app that can do the same (supposing it would do what i'm looking for)