The Verge needs a MEGA DROP DOWN.

I like the new drop down menu, I really do. It keeps the site nice and tidy especially compared to how it was before the redesign.

I only have one issue. The drop down menu needs to load its respective content IMMEDIATELY just like Amazon's drop down menu does. Specifically, once my mouse hovers over a section such as REVIEWS, LONGFORM, or TECH, the content bar that appears underneath needs to appear instantaneously.

I read a great blog post about how Amazon achieved this effect with their drop down menu. Here it is:


The site with its new redesign will feel so nice and snappy if you guys do this. I think it'd really be great.

The animations as they are now are thankfully not too slow but, still, animations like that just feel outdated and laggy when you're on a desktop or laptop computer (by the way, I am typing this from my primary desktop which is a custom gaming machine I built in late 2011 with dual GTX 560 Tis, an i7-2600k, an SSD, and 16GB of RAM so I'm definitely experiencing the menu drop down animations just as your software engineers and designers intended).

Desktops and laptops are the powerhouses of personal computing these days seeing as a lot of our computing time is spent on mobile devices running mobile apps. That's why, for me, I want menus to load instantaneously to reaffirm the experience that, yes, I am using a POWERFUL MACHINE!

TL;DR: Make the new drop down menus load instantaneously as one hovers their mouse over each individual section, please! Just like Amazon's drop down menu. Doing this will make the site feel tight, powerful, and spiffy.

Good day.