The trade off between waterproof and AMOLED

It seems that recent attempts to create waterproof phones have resulted in having to put aside AMOLED screens in favor of TFT LCD. This trade off could very well be a limitation of technology, but more likely than not it is a cost cutting measure. Phones that have done this include the Galaxy S4 Active, Sony Xperia Z and Xperia Z1. Many times these screens are not terrible, and in many cases have Pros as well as Cons over their AMOLED Counterpart. The S4 Active for example had a brighter panel then the S4, however good luck reproducing black. The Z had noticeably bad viewing angles, and while I have yet to see a Z1 in person, reviews indicate similar problems.

So what is more important to you? Is the added safety net of waterproofing enough of a reason to get a not as good screen? Or would you rather get whatever phone you like and get a waterproof case such as the LifeProof?