Pixel Shift App Redesign - Facebook

Hello Verge community!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cristian, and I love to design - specifically user interfaces. I've worked with various different platforms, however, I particularly like working with Android. There's so much opportunity with the platform simply because other devs/designers don't take Android as seriously as maybe another popular OS...

Anyway, in my spare time between work projects, I like to imagine what other apps could look like if they took Android design seriously. I figured it would be much more fun to start my own series, titled Pixel Shift, where I share my designs, get you guy's feedback, and hopefully get some suggestions for other applications that you guys feel need help. Time permitting, I'd love to make this a weekly thing.

Maybe, just maybe, we can convince these companies that they can still maintain their brand identity *and* give us an app that is truly consistent with the platform we all love. Worst case this will be a fun hobby project.

For my first post in the series, I have chosen the elephant in the room: Facebook.

For such a large, and profitable company with seemingly many developers, I've always been surprised at how much their apps have sucked, particularly the Android app. There has been no regard for the Android design guidelines, resulting in an app that feels out of place on the platform.

For my design, I chose not to do anything radical. I just wanted to demonstrate that the Facebook app can still look like Facebook, but also look like an app made for Android.

Now, no more talking, have a look, and please, I love any and all feedback!

Also, you click the images to view them larger.


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Love it? Hate it? Let me know! Also, suggest other apps you want redesigned. As I said, I'd love to try to have a new app every week!