Internet Use Problems

So, I was looking at how I personally use the internet today and I realized that besides The Verge, Xbox Live, Youtube and Facebook..I use it to pirate media. Movies, TV shows, music, books, anime, xxx stuff, etc. And I have it down to a, I don't even have to think about how to get anything, I KNOW I can get whatever I want online for free slowly or if I want it fast I can get "premium" access. But it's to a point that even though it's all automated and I don't have to bother with looking for stuff(programs do that for me, I just tell it what to look for) I still find 99% of my actual internet time(time in front of a computer or using tablet) at home spent acquiring media and devouring it. I know it will have to stop sometime as the ways I use will be the spotlight of the Powers That Be eventually after they have taken down all the other routes and I feel like I'm setting myself up for massive letdown later on down the road.

Anyone else feel they have a pirating addiction?