The Ultimate How you Android Thread


We always have the different threads to show your screens, widgets, and other little tidbits, but I thought we could make the ultimate how you work with your Android Thread. Now knowing this could get very detailed I will try to keep to the majors.

  1. Devices:
  2. Typical daily battery life: (Screen on time, hours, etc..)
  3. How much do you customize? (launcher, custom ROM, icons, lockscreen replacement, etc..)
  4. Custom Gestures? (For those who use custom launchers)
  5. How Many Home Screens:
  6. How Many Widgets: (Which Ones)
  7. Lock screen widgets? (How Many and which ones)
  8. Current Screen Size:
  9. Preferred Screen Size:
  10. Persistent Notifications:
  11. Do you use Google Now? Most used for?
  12. Top 10 Non Google Apps: (feel to separate Tablet from Phone)
  13. Top 3 Must have Google Apps:(feel to separate Tablet from Phone)
  14. Total Number of Apps on your devices? (Tablet: ##, Phone, ##)
  15. Messaging Preference: (SMS, WhatsApp, Chatheads, etc...)
  16. Social Network Preference: (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc..) order from most preferred to least
  17. Music Choice: (Pandora, Play Music, SD Card, Spotify, etc..) order from most preferred to least
  18. Security:(Pin Lock, Pattern Lock, Face Lock, Virus Scanner, device manger, etc...)
  19. Button Preference: On Screen, Capacitive, or neither
  20. Wireless Carrier:
  21. Contract or Off Contract:
  22. Do you accessorize? (Cases, holsters, docks, etc..)
  23. How deep into Google are you? (Phone, Tablet, PC, TV, etc..)
  24. How much of a Android Fan are you? (Scale of 1 - 10, 10 being the ultimate)
  25. What is your next?