Stock Android Gripes (Hopes for Kit Kat)

A bit of background, I just upgraded to a Verizon Moto X during this weekend's unlimited upgrade "event." I came from a rooted GNex running AOKP and have realized that many of the features that I've become a custom to were part of AOKP and not stock Android. I figured I'd share my gripes and see if anyone knows some good replacement apps for the functionality I'm sorely missing.

What ROM features or features from Apps would you like to see implemented in stock Android? Try to keep it reasonable and in line with the overall direction for Android. I know many people like the PIE feature of some ROMs but that's not something that is really inline with Google's direction for Android.

1. Quick Reply to Text in Notification Drawer. I don't understand how text messages don't have quick actions.

2. Customizable Notification Toggles. I can't believe how spartan the toggle pull down is on stock. There's a whole row of additional space that should be usable.

2a. Flashlight Toggle in Toggle Drawer. How is there no built in toggle for the LED?