"Nokia and Android" i just doesn't combine, plus, stop being pessimist

Tired of people saying that Windows Phone(s) is(are) dead, or that Microsoft ruined their own system, everyone is being so pessimist about this, can't you just be happy that at least we don't need to see "Nokia in bankrupt" in the headlines? For gods sake,.

Fine, i'm also worried about Nokia, i mean, as of 2011, here in my country (Portugal), 60% of our (smart)phones were made by Nokia, i wonder what will happen now in countries like mine, that actually TRUST(ED) Nokia.

Anyway, i just wanted to say that in the future, it will be awkward to see a Microsoft Phone or just Lumia Phones.

One more thing, just seen a thread called"Nokia with Android", it just doesn't sound right.

Ps: Sorry for my bad english

Btw just to play with the situation ....K3k4_medium