The Devices in Your Life and How You Use Them

I've been trying to decide which forum to post this in, but this one seems the most appropriate. Moderators, please move this if you disagree!

I'd like to know what the most important devices in your life are (independent of platform - why this isn't posted in the Microsoft, Apple, or Android forums), and most importantly, what you do with them. It's interesting to see what people actually use all these gadgets for. It's also interesting to see how people perform the same tasks in rather different ways.

This can remain fairly open-ended. It needn't be restricted to PC/phone/tablet. Throw in whatever else you can think of, if it's something you consider a fairly big part of your life. 3DS? PS3? Camera? Just make sure to describe what you do with it.

This seems like an inherently wordy exercise, so if you feel like condensing your answer into a list, go for it.

I'll start!

(I will inevitably come across as a total Apple fanboy)

27" iMac (Late 2012)

This is my workhorse. It stays at home (as desktops tend to), and does all my heavy lifting. Its big-ish internal storage (and myriad of USB 3.0 externals attached to it) act as a somewhat central, physical location for all my crap. I run Logic X on it and record my compositions (courtesy of a Focusrite audio interface, some nice Mackie monitors, and Native Instruments Komplete 7 suite). I'm also into photography, so I run Lightroom 5 on here (just made the switch from Aperture). The 27" IPS display and i7 processor make this a photographer's dream. And, of course, I guess there's my "day" job (oil and gas asset divestitures), which involves some thoroughly uninteresting work in Excel, and some generally more interesting work with Adobe's Creative Suite (mainly Illustrator and inDesign). I do enjoy the occasional PC game here and there (90% of the time it's Star Craft II), so this is definitely the most appropriate computer in my arsenal to do that with. I don't care enough to dual boot Windows, but I've never really needed to for what I'm after. This is also my music listening hub. The Mackie monitors make for a great listening experience. And, when I'm really looking for something special, I throw on my Audio Technica M50s. I have the actual files for my iTunes library on this hard drive, and I use iTunes Match to stream to everything else.

13" Macbook Air (Mid 2013)

This is pretty simple. It's what I use when I can't use my iMac. My gigantic Dropbox account keeps a good chunk of my stuff from my desktop synced on here (Logic projects, Lightroom Smart Previews, all my work and personal documents). I used to loathe having to keep content synced between multiple computers (to the point that I opted for a single 15" Macbook Pro for a few years), but Dropbox has handily fixed all that. I can do all the same stuff as I do with my iMac, just without as much power behind it. Picking up where I left off at home on my iMac is utterly effortless now. I take this computer to work every day (where it's hooked up to a 27" Thunderbolt Display). It comes with me to coffee shops, friend's places, or while traveling. It really is the computer I use most often. And, that 12 hour battery makes it all the more effortless.

iPhone 4S 32gb - white (soon to be iPhone 5S)

If my Macbook Air is my most used computer, my iPhone is probably my single most used piece of technology. It really is my sidekick. It frees me from needing my laptop or tablet to do basic internet-y things. I have a crap load of e-mail accounts to keep track of, and it's all funnelled effortlessly through my iPhone. It's the first device I check in the morning, and the last one I check at night. I text (well, iMessage) the people close to me fairly frequently. I listen to music with it in the bathroom, at the gym, on the train, in the car, or on foot. I use it to navigate and find places to eat or hang out constantly. I keep track of Facebook. I use the calendar quite heavily. I take notes on it constantly. I have my entire big-ass Dropbox account available on it. I remote into my server at work on it, when I really need to. I play Bejewelled and Pyramid on it while I'm on the throne. I keep game guides pulled up on it (Animal Crossing, right now). I test new app builds on it. My phone is basically my most important device. Without it, I'm sort of screwed. With it, I can almost always get by.

And that marks the three most important devices in my life. The devices that follow are generally more singular in their purpose.

iPad 3 16gb - black (will probably be replaced with an iPad Mini once they get a Retina display)

This is definitely a luxury device for me. How can I tell? I don't really use it much. The Logic X remote is cool, and I do use that fairly often. But, lately, I've mainly been using it as a testing device for iOS 7. I used to read books on it, but it's too big and heavy (hence the iPad Mini plan). I do also read magazines on it and generally surf with it.

Kindle 3 Wifi

I read books with it. That's it. It's bullet-proof, cheap, and effectively weightless. I'll occasionally read on my phone as well if I don't have this handy. This will likely be retired once the aforementioned iPad Mini enters the fold.

Playstation 3

I watch TV and movies with this, mainly. It's my main Netflix device (though almost everything else on this list also runs it), I watch TV shows I've downloaded with it, and of course Blurays. And, I guess I do also play some games on it. Gran Turismo is a permanent fixture for me. And, when I finally get around to it, I'd love to finally finish Mass Effect 3...

Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita

Games. Yeah. Recently? Animal Crossing on the 3DS. Both are great consoles and they scratch fairly different itches for me. The Vita is my JRPG machine (Persona 4, most recently), while the 3DS handles those, well, Nintendo-esque games. I do seem to be becoming somewhat of a portable gamer, first and foremost. There's just something particularly relaxing and personal about curling up in bed or in a comfy chair and playing a game on a portable.

Nikon D7000 (with 16-85mm and 35mm lenses)

I love photography. The camera on my iPhone is pretty great, but this is obviously on a completely different level. I do carry it in my bag surprisingly often (usually with the 35mm lens), so I can take some nice urban photos over lunch. It also comes with me whenever I go hiking (with the 16-85mm lens). Having access to the big sensor and speed inherent to a DSLR, all the settings I could ever want, oodles of physical controls, a giant selection of lenses, and an optical viewfinder... totally worth the bulk.

There. Your turn! Don't feel obligated to be anywhere near as verbose as me.