All Kit Kat Needs Is

I currently have only one android product a Nexus 7 2012. I bought it specifically to try it out Android to see if it would be my next phone OS. I ended up getting a Windows Phone but that was more Verizon's fault than anything. ( I could not reach the P on the SGS4 keyboard with one hand and that was the only Android phone worth it on Verizon at the time.)

So for me the things Kit Kat needs to do to win me over (I would even go buy a Moto X off contract if these things happen.)

1. Performance - Must Improve. To me an Iphone has close to perfect performance 98% or higher, as I experienced little to no crashes or hiccups. My new Lumia 928 Phone is right there at 95% as every once and awhile my phone will need to be restarted. My Nexus 7 is about a 90%. Android just experiences more hiccups and app crashes than the other platforms I use. Dolphin Browser crashes constantly in other parts of the OS lag is noticeable. I just did not experience that with IOS or Windows Phone. If the performance improves Android would really be the better operating system for me.

2. Hangouts - Needs to integrate SMS. I really like hangouts but without SMS it is incomplete. It would also be really sweet if Apple incorporated Hangouts into it's Text message app. (Just a little cross platform dream I had.)The other big one is if you could SMS from Hangouts on chrome from a computer. I would not use another messaging system if these things happen.

That is really it. My 2 most important improvements for Kit Kat. What are your musts for Kit Kat for you to buy an Android phone or if you have one what do you really want to see?