Call Me Crazy, But I Believe Google Needs to lock Down the Play Store

I know I may be in minority on this issue, but I'm going to present my case anyways.

I think Google needs to take a Microsoft/Apple approach to the Play store and oversee app submissions. This doesn't mean I want Android itself to be any more locked down, but rather just this particular service Google offers. Google really doesn't offer any 'open' services on android as it is (correct me if I'm wrong), so why the app market?

Malware seems to becoming increasingly prevalent, at least in news coverage, as it gains popularity. I for one, do not want to see Androids future be anything like what windows is currently like. From my perspective, it seems the only thing we'd be losing, is quick app submission time. It seems like a worthy trade off.

Google should definitely continue to allow side-loading for users who choose to enable it, but the average consumer should not have to worry about viruses in the Play Store, regardless of whether or not that fear is currently warranted. It just should not have to even be on the table.

This change would not go against Google's promise to openness in my eyes, because the play store is not apart of the operating system, in the same way Gmail, Calander, Youtube, ect are just apps Google offers for the OS. I believe if Google does not change something it will come back to bite them.

So, yes, I may be wrong, or crazy, but I'm open to opposing opinions. Tell me what you think.