Will Apple ever provide services like email or a search engine?

Microsoft and Google already provide email and search services - Apple has its own map service, is the next logical step to provide email addresses and a search engine?

It just seems to me that self contained ecosystems are the next step for the 3 big mobile OS players. They now all have in-house manufacturing, all sell media through their stores and so on.

Presumably the idea is that once you get entrenched into a providers service there's more chance of being locked in - after all if an ecosystem provides everything there's no need to go elsewhere. Arguably Microsoft has covered this most widely: Windows computer OS, Windows Phone OS, Hotmail email services, Bing search engine, Bing maps and their own news portal, MSN.

What do you guys think?

P.S. Will the newer mobile OS' (Jolla, Firefox, Ubuntu, Tizen) need to provide ecosystems to survive?