Verge, we need interactive live blog with live comments. We really really really do.

The biggest disappointment with Verge live blog is the fact that we cannot comment and discuss with each other while event is going in the same window.

There was epic comment war during Episode one of Sammy's unpacked on other sites which I am sure many of you know about. And something like that would have been really appreciated. It is better and funner (yes, I used that word).

Verge, please implement it by the time we are ready for KitKat launch even. Not sure if you can be ready by Apple event, so better aim for later, but please do it. Live blog without live comments and participation of the community is plain dull.

It would be great 2 window experience with live comments. Youtube feed in one window and live blog in other half of the screen.

I am sure I am not alone to think this way.

Pretty please???