Let's talk Pokemon X/Y for a sec

I've been out of the Pokemon look for about... 15 years now... But X/Y have a lot and I mean a lot of the things I always wanted from a Pokemon game. Full 3D environments, the ability to ride Pokemon, and the original starters from Red/Blue/Green are back. I am really thinking about getting back in the game. It's time to catch'em all. I've seen some of the news recently. I've got a few questions.

How would I get all 700+ Pokemon?

I know they said you can store pokemon in the "Pokemon Bank", but what about Pokemon that weren't in Black/2 or White/2?

Will putting Pokemon in the bank and moving them to another cart count as a trade?

One of the reasons I could never get all of the originals was because I couldn't ever trade. Is this still a limitation?

How many Pokemon can you hold on your cart?

Its there a limitation? Is that why they're putting stuff in the cloud?