What are the absolute best iPhone 5 lens attachments out there?

I'd like to start using lens attachments on my iPhone. The problem is, when I look at stuff like the ones offered on Photojojo, the sample photos show a lot of chromatic aberration and they're not very good to look at zoomed in.

Does anyone have any idea what the best solution is? I'm primarily looking for a polarizing filter as well as a zoom. Macro is cool, but not necessary, and Fisheye is a no.

So far I have the Olloclip and Schneider iPro as options. I like the Olloclip, but the lens distortion and inability to be used on my case is a letdown. The iPro has better quality images, but is almost 3x more expensive. I should just put that money towards a Lumix LX7 or a Sony RX100.