Could MS surprise us by replacing the Nokia mobile brand with... SKYPE?

Like many, I see dropping Nokia (post acquisition) as their smartphone brand as a big mistake by MS. It got me thinking about their branding options for the new smartphones post acquisition: MS Lumia, Surface, a new brand, etc.

Because of the pretty negative association a lot of people have with the Microsoft brand these days, any of these options may seriously hamper WP's success, or be quite expensive to establish in consumers' minds (as we saw with Surface).

There is one dark horse though, one nobody in the press seems to have given any real thought to: SKYPE.While not an entirely problem free name, it is:

  • A widely known and growing, household brand. Both in emerging and western markes
  • Quite loved (people love free shit...). In fact this was one of the key reason MS acquired it
  • Already associated with "modern telephony" and the internet
Yes, I know some people will associate the name with bad quality calls, etc. But if the phones are solid, it would go away pretty quickly, just as the ipad's association with a massive women's' absorbent.
Maybe operators could be fearful of the brand, but the internal message to them (it's just a consumer brand, not a a way to bypass you) can be managed quite easily.

Ideally, there could be some differentiator on the SW side to better tie Skype in the OS, to fully justify the branding. Win 8.1 is showing some signs of this, so it's not out of the realms of possibility for WinPho blue.

Admittedly there is a low change of this happening, as it is MS, after all. However, at times they do admit their own shorcomings: for example with Xbox, they keep the MS brand as hidden away as possible.

Here's hope they do the same this time around.

What do you guys thing?