The case for Apple iWatch with circular display

Having just seen Samsung's and Sony's me first attempt at the "smart" watch category, I'm now convinced Apple will be, at the very least, announcing their "iWatch" at next weeks special event.

Furthermore, I feel Apple's unicorn wearable device will actually be smart and resemble a watch rather than look like a miniaturised phone screen on a wristband.

Reading between the lines of iOS 7 design cues and the September 10th event invitation there are a lot of circles floating about. From the not so orthodox circular signal strength indicator and circular avatars within iMessage to the array of colorful circles in the event invite, circles seem to be very important to APple.

This leads me to believe Apple's venture into this wearable device category will be one that has a circular display. And what best to put a circular display onto than a wristwatch.