Wearable Device: The Wish List

So with the market about to be flooded with wearable devices, I hope MS puts Bing, Xbox (Music) and especially HealthVault to use on their first device.

The following is my wish list (trying to be as realistic as possible):

THE FACE: - Curved, amoled display; glance display (for quickly viewing the time, forecast, etc.) - 3+ days battery life with average use, standby should be month - Design and Build quality expected from a Nokia device - WIFI for connecting to backend services - Bluetooth for pairing to other devices, (and NFC if there is room, for tagging/pairing) - accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, proximity sensor for NUI controls - 8GB internal storage - Ability to function without another device, will sync when in range of a trusted device (WP8 or W8)

THE STRAP: - Straps are interchangeable - All provide Qi Wireless charging - Fitness/Location Strap: GPS, altimeter - Connected strap: additional storage, FM Radio, maybe a SIM slot

PRE-LOADED 1st-party APPS (all based on and sync to WP8/W8 apps): - Mail, Calendar, People, Skype (notifications only; unless paired with Bluetooth headset and a 'Connected' strap) - Bing Weather, News, Sports (weather forecast, breaking news alerts, sports scores, etc.) - Xbox Music (local music playback or streaming, when paired to Bluetooth headset) - Bing Food & Drink with HealthVault integration - Bing Health & Fitness with HealthVault integration - Alarm Clock - Notification center* (general notifications from connected device)

PRE-LOADED 3rd-party APPS: - HERE Maps & HERE Transit - FourSquare, Facebook and maybe some other social-location apps (Notifications, Check-in) - RunKeeper, Active Fitness, Ski and Ride, and some other fitness apps - GoPro, and other apps which allow for controlling another device or camera

*Notifications is where I hope they innovate, Something like a floating tile, which has the tile float up from the connected device to the display on your wrist, along with interactive live tiles, allowing you to interact with the tile itself and not launching the app (i.e. music playback, answer calls, start a timer, check-in to a location).

I also hope MS learns from Nokia and realize they don't need a single device. They can create devices of various designs, and some with simplified functionality (i.e. fitness only).

What do you guys think? What do you want to see MS bring to market?