Moving iPhone 5 from Sprint to Verizon?

I have a Sprint iPhone 5 that I would like to move to Verizon. My Sprint contract is up, so I can switch at any time. The phone is the CDMA variant (MD656LL/A), so it is my understanding that this model *should* be able to work on both the Sprint and Verizon networks, were it not for the fact that the carriers choose to not allow iPhones from other providers (as determined from the IMEI/MEID???) on their network. So are there any workarounds or ways I can make this happen? I know there are some people on here who are good with all the unlocking/jailbreaking stuff, so if someone could help me understand this and figure out my options I would be very appreciative. I should also add that I am not interested in doing a trade-in/upgrade to iPhone 5S in a few weeks, as I don't find any of the rumored upgrades at all appealing, and I would much rather get another year out of my current phone and stay on the integer (as opposed to S) upgrade schedule. Thanks.