Windows 8.1 Concept: Pinned Multitasking Bar (Only for mouse)

This idea came to my mind after playing around with the App/multitasking bar present since Windows 8. In Windows 8.1 it improved, but I felt it lacked this feature.

In this concept, we would bring the bar as always, but if we right-click in the remaining black space:


A new option appears: "Pin Sidebar". We use it, and the whole App/Multitasking bar changes its form, using less screen estate.


As you see here, the new bar is fixed, letting you switch between Metro apps with a visual reference. I honestly think is a better solution for mouse users.

It also has a white bar, similar as the one we see during snap, which references which App we're currently using, in this case the Desktop.


Here's another image, showing the bar while using Internet Explorer:


And another one, in the Start Screen:


Of course, if we want the other sidebar back, we just click in "Unpin Sidebar" to revert the changes.

The only downside would be that some apps would have to adapt its design to work right along with the sidebar.

What do you think?