Nova Launcher Prime Inquiry

So, the Galaxy Note 3 has been announced and I'm all ready to go all in on Android but again, I'm having my same reservations that I had with the Note 2, which was TouchWiz. Compared to stock Android, TouchWiz to me is so damn ugly; the icons, the SMS app, all of it. Absolutely hate it.

I've done a ton of research on how to get stock Android on a Note and outside of loading ROMs (which I don't want to do) the other option is "launchers". The best one I've seen right now is Nova Launcher Prime. I'm wondering if there are any Android users that have this that can chime in. My question is simply:

- Does Nova launcher replace the SMS and dialer apps to stock?

- Do you see performance improve or decrease with Nova Launcher?

Hopefully someone can help, would be greatly appreciated!!