N5 wishlist...

i was planning to get the n4 but since its sold out i went with the 520 (excellent device)

so as the title says here is some of the features i want in the next n5

1. snapdragon 900 (it has that special battery optimisations .and has a good power)

2. 3-4 gb ram.. note 3 has 3 gb so i bet it can have more plis n4 has 2 gb they have to upgrade it

3. 5.2 inch display 1080p screen (kinda like the n7)

4. 32gb option

5. 4g multi region

6.2600 mah battery

7. 10mp back 5 mp front camera (yes 5 mp front cameras exist currently )

8. made of poly-carbonate/aluminium