Newkia to aquire Nokia employees and know-how to make Android smarphones

Singapore-based Newkia was formed the day the US$7.2 billion Microsoft-Nokia deal was announced, with the sole aim of acquiring Nokia employees and know-how but focusing on the Android platform.

Zilliacus spent over 15 years as a Nokia employee including seven where he was its Asia-Pacific CEO. He left in 1993 but spent another three years under Nokia's payroll as a regional consultant. He left to become an entrepreneur and currently runs investment company Mobile FutureWorks, which advisors include former Nokia's mobile phones CEO Jorma Nieminen and Ericsson's former CEO Sven-Christer Nilsson.

Zilliacus, in fact, tried to buy out Nokia a year ago with the aim to steer the company toward a strategy focused on Android, but was unable to raise enough funds to do so despite approaching several global sovereign wealth and equity funds.

It seem there will be a chance to shut upp all those "android is a savior" defendets and see if the android way would have been better...