Trying a Lumia 920: not the best first impression

I've just bought a Lumia 920 on eBay to try it out/see what all the fuss is about/commemorate the passing of Nokia. (I like to keep an eye on where each of the Big 3 are in mobile, though I tend to use an iPhone of varying sorts as my main phone.)

As ever with these things, you have to own one before you find out some of the little secrets about it. In this case, I walked straight into what appears to be a well-known and catastrophic bug: if you try to factory reset the phone using the Reset button in the Settings > About menu, it gets stuck in a permanent boot loop with the spinning cogs on the screen:



There's a good description of the problem here.

None of the soft reset tips worked for me, and I don't want to start flashing firmware (even if I did have easy access to a Windows machine).

So, not the best first impression. I suppose I'll try to get my money back unless any of the experts on here can suggest a way out of the problem. (And if it really is a well known bug, why aren't Nokia/WP fans shouting from the rooftops for it to be fixed?)