My #1 Request for Android Kitkat 4.4

I would really appreciate the soft-key navigation buttons being hide-able.

I would like the nav bars to auto-hide after a few seconds of no use, and to show them again i drag my finger in from the bottom.

The space they take up on the screen is not insignificant, I would get much more benefit out of the full screen for general use.

All the third party apps I have tried (rooted and unrooted), are UX-poor.

A similar idea is the auto-hide option for the taskbar in windows. It would be optional in the settings.


The navigation bar would hover above the screen, this would allow one constant resolution of the screen (wouldn't need to be resized every time), and could be semi-transparent even.

I would think in the initial release, it would have to be constantly on the screen for old legacy apps and games that don’t support it. Similar to how the menu button is.

Apps would have to be updated to support the hidden nav buttons, and once they are, it hides.

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What are your thoughts on this idea?

Quickly drawn Paint image giving you the idea visually: