Accepting the Wii U for what it is.

So an interesting thing has been happening lately. With all the hype focused squarely on the PS4 and Xbox One, I have been growing ever fonder of my Wii U, which had been gathering a lot of dust until recently. For some reason, I now consider my Wii U part of the next gen, as opposed to part of the current gen. Maybe because it is the newest Nintendo console like the PS4 and Xbox One are the newest other consoles. My Xbox 360 is now a last gen console. My Wii U is still the newest Nintendo console.

I feel as though time has allowed me to see the Wii U for what it is and not be mad at it for not being as powerful as the newer consoles. That realization has allowed me to dust it off and truly enjoy what the Wii U offers. I have finally jumped into the MiiVerse, which is awesome, the Virtual Console is starting to get some great titles, and playing on the GamePad while the TV is in use is simply amazing.

My Wii U has become like an old friend that I love, not because it is the newest and hottest thing out, but because it is unique and consistent. Think about the list of exclusives coming soon (or already out): Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Mario 3D, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Sonic The Lost World, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, and the list goes on.

It's amazing how games drive the perception of a console. Sure, the Wii U won't be getting the big titles like Destiny and Titanfall, but that's fine. That's not what the Wii U is about. It's about fun. It's about unique experiences. There is no way to replace to experience of Donkey Kong or Smash Bros on a PS4 or Xbox One. Whether people choose a PS4 or Xbox One, they will basically have the same experience, but the Wii U is completely unique.

Don't be surprised if Wii U sales start to pick up significantly. Do I expect the Wii U to miraculously win the console war? Of course not. But I expect most people will pick it up as their second console.