Unable to login unless I ask for a new password!

I tried to login to The Verge today to respond about an article, and 20 minutes later I am wholly frustrated.

Initially it said my login was invalid. I use a password manager, so that is highly unlikely. After a few attempts, I gave up.

So I clicked the forgot button, to get an email and record a new password. That also logged me in. So I logged out, and immediately tried to log back in with my new password. It failed. It told me I had not filledin the captcha response (though there had not been one to fill in); and gave me a captcha. After half a dozen times of being told I was not human so fill in the captcha, and completing the new captcha that was offered, I got fed up and asked for a new password. It logged me in.

This happened in Firefox 23.0.1, with which I use NoScript (I even tried it with "temporarily allow all on this page") . I also tried it in Chrome with no blockers at all.

Does The Verge only want me if I log in with facebook or some other social channel?

Or is it somehow me?