Nokia Should Buy Blackberry and go Android

I think it is possible.

  • They now have a ton of cash from selling their device and services line to MS.
  • They still own many of their patents as they only licensed them to MS.
  • Blackberry will sell cheap and their OS is pretty compatible with Android, and they can finally create that secure Android Platform with good hardware.
  • Elop they guy who decided not to go Android is now gone.
  • The cost to enter the Android market is minimal
  • Many people still want a Nokia Android Phone.

They could do this and probably sell more devices than MS does with their purchase. Lumia and Asha might belong to MS, but so what. In my opinion they belonged to MS from the day they appeared. The real brand is Nokia.

I would just make a new brand for Android and call it Nokia Black or the Nokia Z20.