Why Can't We Have An Exciting Nexus Phone?

The leaks are starting to point to LG making the next Nexus phone. This is a shame.

In their history, LG have produced hundreds of thousands of products, of which only one was actually good: the Nexus 4. You can explain this discrepancy in 3 ways:

1 LG finally figured out how to make things which do not suck

2 LG got extremely lucky and by fluke, made something which does not suck

3 A fresh, fast, uncluttered version of Android makes just about anything into something which does not suck

Option 1 doesn't seem likely because LG has made a slew of products since last October, and they are universally bad. We can't tell between 2 & 3 until this fall when the new Nexus drops. Option 2 isn't particularly interesting, it's Option 3 that has captured my imagination. Just by making a Nexus phone, a company was able to end a lifelong losing streak and make something good. Does Google's involvement guarantee a good result regardless of who else is involved? How does that work? Does google's tendency to make good stuff outshine LG's tendency to make bad stuff or is it additive: Bad stuff + Nexus = good. If its additive, does Good stuff + Nexus = Great? The only way to find that out is for HTC, Moto or maybe Sony (or hell, even Samsung) to make a nexus phone. The worst case scenario is that we get a phone thats basically the same as what Lg would've made, because google is pulling the strings either way. The best case is that we get a phone that's head an shoulders better than a lineup with some good products in it, rather than head and shoulders over a heap of garbage. Waiting to see if its my best or worst sounds so much better than waiting to see if its option 2 or 3, I wish LG wasn't making the fifth Nexus.