Should Microsoft save or reboot Windows 8?

For starters, I actually like Windows 8. I am an Apple guy, but I appreciate what Microsoft has done with regard to innovating and moving forward what was essentially a stagnant market.

That said, Windows 8 has a tainted image. It isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be, but it seems like its image has the Vista taint, and may be beyond repair.

By releasing Windows 8.1, they have decided to stick with the Windows 8 name, and while this may be a nice upgrade, your average non-tech user will see this as better, but still Windows 8. Business users will not be satisfied, and general consumers will begrudgingly buy it.

That said...has the Windows 8 brand been damaged beyond repair? Should Microsoft have just called Windows 8.1...Windows 9, and hoped for better PR this time around? Or does Microsoft need a total reboot of windows to combat public perception?