Why doesn't the iPhone have NFC? Is Apple stupid?


Take NFC for example. For months now, Android users have been using the fact that they have NFC as an advantage over the iPhone, when in fact, NFC really offers no significant benefits.

NFC is the next big thing!


Apple really hit a home run with passbook. They were smart, and realized what was wrong with NFC and decided not to implement it. Passbook is not meant to be a replacement for your tickets or cards, it is meant to be a convenience. It simply gathers barcodes from separate apps into one single app. It never advertised itself as the replacement for your wallet, you could still pay with your iPhone with the Starbucks app before, it is just more convenient.

From the start NFC was designed to transfer data between devices and with the goal of using it as a mobile wallet. Guess what, it fails miserably. Data transfer speeds are abysmal when compared to AirDrop.

Coming in 2013 Fall? Yes.

Later than NFC? Yes.

100x implemented better than NFC? Yes.

Do you have to have physical contact? No.

You see a lot of OEM's starting to use Wi-Fi direct now instead of Android Beam, and in some cases, NFC to activate Wi-Fi direct. Where did NFC go? I thought it was cool to touch phones and beam stuff across!

Where is NFC?

Not a lot of places, that's for sure. Expensive, prone to breakage, what are the benefits of NFC? Nothing really, why would you use your phone as a replacement for your wallet? Great now you've gathered all your eggs in one basket, lose your phone, lose your payment options. I'm sure your phone costs more than your plastic cards which can be canceled immediately. Battery dies? Bye payment.

NFC is never going to be mass adopted, Passbook is the future. About every 3rd person in line at local Starbucks I go to are paying with their iPhone.

Apple's going to do it again with their fingerprint sensor. Clearly not the first, but it will probably be the best. ;)

To be clear, my post is about NFC used for file transfers and mobile payments.