Moto DVX: the low-cost Moto X?

There's been tons of crazy news from IFA this week hogging the spotlight, but some blogs have been reporting about a Moto DVX just passing the FCC. PhoneArena posted an article just a few days ago, bringing forth some new info on this apparent low-cost variant of the Moto X.



The FCC posting contained the above photo, as well as the model numbers XT1032, XT1033, and XT1035 and a lack of LTE.

First off, if that schematic looks a little familiar, it's because the parts were actually leaked earlier this summer.



This part has two SIM slots, which is something I wouldn't expect to come to the US. More importantly though, this model seems to have a removable battery and backplate. Colored backplates are also rumored to be coming for this model, so that might mean we'll get to swap out backplates whenever we want.

In addition, those model numbers seem to variants of the XT1030, aka the Droid Mini, so this might be a Mini Moto X. Of course, that's speculative, but a Moto X of that size would be smaller than a Nexus S!

Now, on to the crazier side of this story: supposedly, this phone will be sold for around $200 off-contract. Yes, I know, we've heard this story before, but a redditor found listings for the phone in 8GB and 16GB variants priced at £137.29 w/VAT and £150.74 w/VAT, respectively. Unfortunately, those listings have since been taken down.

What do you guys think?