Nokia is done making phones, get over it.

Let's think about this objectively.

Of all Nokia's businesses, the mobile devices group has been by far the least profitable in the last several years. They tried a number of new strategies to rekindle the fire (retirement of Symbian, Meego, Asha, Lumia) and while some are gaining traction [slowly], the cost/benefit analysis continues to remain negative.

Nokia's board of directors is no group of fools and realizes that the mobile market is too far lost to ever regain the footing the company once had... and perhaps not even a double-digit fraction of it. Nokia signed a binding agreement with Microsoft to push full-throttle on an array of products that just haven't panned out in the mass market. Personally, I love my Lumia 920... but I'm also a Nokia shareholder and I fully understand the reasoning why they've chosen to let the strategic business unit (SBU) go.

The fact of the matter is Nokia is transferring most, if not all, of its hardware personnel directly to Microsoft, leaving the company with a skeleton crew, at best, to conduct R&D activities. I fully expect them to pump out a new swath of mobile-related patents in the near future, especially given their heavy investments in imaging and graphene research. They'll continue to be an IP juggernaut, licensing out their inventions to the rest of the mobile world.

But that's all. Nokia has chosen to pivot away from the unprofitable arm (and make a huge pile of cash doing so) to ensure their long-term survival. I can't think of a wiser business decision.