What have you made lately?

Four weeks ago, I received a leather craft kit in the mail. Two weeks ago, I finally got over my fear of making leathery mistakes and have put together 2 wallets of suspect stitching, a key fob, and a leather belt. I've probably put in about 6 hours of work into it and hope to get around 100 in before the end of the year meaning my friends will get a lot of free wallets and belts.

I really like cardholders so I've been sketching up a bunch and ruining some pieces. Only the belt came mostly pre-cut otherwise I had to trim the leather myself. Coloring was the most frustrating part because it just takes so long to get the layers in and glistening. Overall, I have a feeling I'll get the hang of it soon enough.

So what have you made lately? Leather things? Paintings? A movie? Re-built the interior of car? Be a show off.


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