iOS 7's music playback lockscreen

In iOS 6 and below, the lockscreen on wake consisted of only swiping interactable elements: the swipe to unlock, swipe on notifications and swipe for camera. Music controls that worked using tapping or dragging (play, pause, previous, forward, volume) were shown on a home button double-tap.

This was presumably to stop the user from accidentally activating controls should the screen light up in their pocket for some reason. However in iOS 7, the music controls are shown as soon the screen lights up if music is playing, allowing a stray leg movement to trigger the music controls. Also, the lockscreen loses its large, easily glance-able time display, which was one of the things I really appreciated in iOS.

The music playback lockscreen in iOS 6 was very thoughtfully designed, and it served its purpose well. Why would Apple do this?