Yoga 2 Pro - (almost) perfect ultrabook/convertible?

I think this is my next.

The good

  • Terrific screen res and quality
  • Great keyboard and good trackpad
  • Perfect form factor (subjective)
  • Intel Core CPU
  • Very good battery life
  • Nice, modern design

The bad

  • Lack of pen support
  • Haswell with fan - I'd prefer fanless design - lower clocked version of Haswell (subjective)

The ugly

  • Plastic design (Carbon anyone?)
  • Lack of "lift-and-lock" system from ThinkPad Yoga (it looks fantastic!)

What is your perfect device like? For me it would be 13.3'' ThinkPad Yoga with 3200x1800, pen, carbon/magnesium body at 16 mm of thickness - basically Yoga 2 Pro with pen and ThinkPad branding. But you can't have everything...