This site is biased

The Vergecast 092 was the most hateful, wild-fantasy/fake-reality-I-live-in-a-bubble-where-everyone-hates-Windows, dumbest podcast I've ever listened to. It's upsetting to see people who claim to be experts in technology sit down and talk about Microsoft like it's a failing company, while that is not the reality.

I don't say this because I'm a Microsoft fanboy (not that you care about that, you'll call me a fanboy in the comments anyway), I don't think what MS is doing is awesome, I don't think WP is the best OS ever but at least I'm realistic about stuff and I'm not making stuff up to make Microsoft look bad, that's pathetic.

Microsoft had some bad moment (Kin, Surface. Windows 8 is not one of them. How can you call Windows 8 a failure if it has a market share that is greater than all versions of OS X combined), but that's in the past, don't repeat it over and over like it's the end of the world. The past doesn't define a company. Microsoft has made some drastic changes lately (Restructuring to a devices' company, buying Nokia, etc.) and we have yet to see the effect of these changes, Microsoft's future is likely to be brighter than it's past (Why would they make these changes if the goal was not to prevent mistakes like the ones they've made. It's simple logic), but the people on this site refuse to see it.

Windows 8 is far from a terrible OS and anyone who've used it day-to-day, knows it doesn't suck. It's an improvement over Windows 7 in almost every way(I'm not gonna explain every single reason why, because I have things to do, go read a decent review from any website beside this one and you'll know why). I'll try to visit this site less often and move to Engadget. I hope this site fails, and dies like Blackberry. All Apple and Android fanboys are welcome to spread FUD and kiss each-others rears by recommending eachother in the comments below, I won't read your reply anyway. Have a nice day.