Newsflash: Consumer tech reporters don't really know what consumers use.

A quote from Nathan Olivarez-Giles article on Google Chrome apps caught my eye and reminded me of something which often bugs me. The writers on the Verge are excellent but they often have no idea about the software the vast majority of people use.

But so far, while the new Chrome Apps are novel and free from the browser window, none are revolutionary or close to the quality of desktop stalwarts like Photoshop, Apple's iLife line, or even Microsoft Office.

Or even Microsoft office?.Microsoft office is an amazing piece of software that is used because it truly is excellent. Excel is incredibly flexible and powerful tool which can be used to build some very powerful models. Even in top banks you will be amazed at how much excel is used. Sure they hire plenty of quants but the traders and analysts are mostly using excel. The presentations which top people put together are all done with Office products. If you have some obscure piece of business software you can guarantees it works on Windows.

Verge writers don't seem to understand what the vast majority of people use there computers for. They always complain about how cluttered and confusing something like Microsoft word is, and they have a point. But very simple word processing things work for them because they are writers. For the rest of us that isn't the case. The number of people using photoshop is tiny fraction of people using Office. There is still huge amounts of software which will only run on Windows and there never seems to be recognition of that. Macs are great computers but not running Windows is still a big minus to a huge number of people.

This rant doesn't really make sense and is pretty rambling but it really bugged me. We don't all work in Media or design and there are other important things. There is a whole world of tech the don't seem to cover.