Done with Vergecast, what are my other options?

I left the Vergecast for about 3 months and recently decided to give it another shot. After two episodes I remember why I left it. It's just so gross and depressing . It's a podcast about people who own a technology blog but somehow hate technology. I always feel sad after listening to it. I had a friend who recently was going to start listening to podcasts and wanted some recommendations. The Vergecast was the only one I didn't mention. I remembered thinking "It's the Microsoft of podcasts. I might dabble with it myself but I won't recommend it to anyone".

So that being said, what other podcasts are out there that people are listening to? Preferably weekly, cross-platform stuff or general tech gadget stuff. Humour is a big plus because it's hard to get a bunch of geeks together that are legitimately funny and know their stuff.

Your help is appreciated!!!