The Desire of Going Commando

When I look back at my dumbphones, I never use cases on them. Granted, they are not a slab of glass, but I never felt worried. They are also pretty durable. The last non-smartphone I used was the Nokia E51, and I don't think I ever had a scratch on it, despite being naked all its life. My previous dumbphones got some nicks here and there, but that's after multiple drops to concrete or whatnot.

Ever since I use a smartphone (the iPhone 3GS), I always use cases now. Maybe it's the 3GS fault. First, it's expensive, in terms that I had it on contract, so I feel that I need to keep it as pristine for as long as possible. Second, it has highly scratchable plastic back. Third, it's a big piece of glass in front. Although my 3GS survived pretty well until I sold it (no scratches not cracks), it's not due to the phone being durable, it's probably due to me being over protective. Having said that, Apple iPhone does start the trend of using Gorilla glass and oleophobic coating.

It doesn't stop there. I have cases for my Nexus One, iPhone 4 (double the glass, double the fun), Nexus 4 (this thing is so slippery that I saw it slide off from the middle of my table to the floor on its own, seriously), and HTC One (that aluminum back is great, but I won't risk scratches on it). There was only one phone that I felt comfortable going commando, it was the Lumia 710 with its rubbery back.

I'm not for nor against cases per se, but sometimes I wonder why. Again, I never use cases before the 3GS, and those phones don't really wear out so easily either (compare that to the iPhone 5 that can self scuff while it's still in its box). So the argument that the wear and tear being expected doesn't really jive with me as my Nokia E51 still looked pristine despite being naked for all its life. I want my phone to look great regardless whether I use cases or not.

The sad part is, the trend of glossy look. It's the worst. It only looks good when it's in the box. The minute you touch it, it's fingerprint magnet. Worse, it shows off scratches easily too. Yet almost every manufacture is going glossy for literally anything they make.

Currently, my favorite "material" used is the matte Lumias. The glossy one sucks, but the matte ones do make me feel confident that the phone can go commando and still come out pristine at the end of its life, while not looking like a cheap plastic.

Is it too much to expect a phone to still look good and durable to go commando? What do you guys think?