Photos in the Apple ecosystem are a mess, Apple should Sherlock Everpix

Photostream is a confusing mess that behaves unpredictably. And regular people have zero idea how it works, I'm not even sure. Apple should simplify photos and they can start by taking a look at Everpix.

Some ideas:

  • Apple should be uploading all of our photos, in full-resolution, to iCloud no matter how they got on our iDevice or Mac. They have the resources to make this happen. Photostream, as it exists today, is unpredictable and confusing. How many people understand the 1000 photo limit? How many people are not backing up their photos? Apple can address both problems.
  • Apple should build a version of iPhoto in iCloud. Let us edit our photos on any modern browser. We know they have the skills necessary to do this following their excellent work on iWork for iCloud.
  • Keep our photos private and smartly organize them for us but add controls to let us take over if we want it our way. Let us share our choice of photos with the world or only a select few. Present those photos in an attractive way and in their full glory. Allow for comments and likes. Finally, make it easy to share those photos on other social networks.
  • Sync. Make it fast, fast, fast. And no duplicates, please.
  • An aside: Give some sign that Aperture is still a going concern at Apple.