How Microsoft can stay relevant

As Microsoft has recently entered into ‘hardware’ business by acquiring Nokia devices division. So I am laying out below points considering of them as a new ‘mobile hardware’ vendor.

Microsoft should make Nokia branded Android Phones to stay relevant. This is how any sane hardware company would work. Since they are neither sane nor a hardware company so it’s unlikely to happen.

" Further Reading: Former Nokia CEO founds Newkia, aims to create the Nokia Android phone you’ve always dreamed of.

Q: Huh! they have their own Mobile OS?

Good reminder. Longer they stick with Windows Phone, more likely they are going to wind up shop sooner than later. Question is not about making compromises, rather, to remain relevant and in the business for ever or never. I am at this point, wary of the idea, that Windows Phone eventually will have an ‘eco-system’ similar to Android and iOS. I can’t foresee at the moment, that it’s going to be an appealing platform for developers in the near future. Unless there is some magical turn similar to in Apple and iPhone case, that can lead the Microsoft all the way from bottom to top.

As for Windows, they urgently should make it free, it’s not 1995. It’s 2013. People with money are going for Mac, people with less money or for their own reasons are going for Ubuntu/Linux. Amid, Windows as a paid OS (with massively overpriced Office suite) is becoming pain in the ass for most consumers. Point is, Microsoft should make Windows and Office suite more affordable for the market where it is desirable.

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