Apps that already fit iOS 7

iOS 7 public will be released somewhere between September 10-20. I am sure developers worked hard all summer to optimize and overhaul their apps to adapt iOS 7 human interface guidelines. We'll see all of them very soon.

However, there are apps that requires no redesign or overhaul to fit in iOS 7 universe. Because they have already embraced elegant, minimalistic interfaces, and usage of white spaces. Sure there will be lots of changes under the hood because of updated and new apis and minor tweaks in some ui elements, but again their interface is ready for iOS 7.

Here are some of them that I use on my iPad

  • Evernote
  • Pocket
  • Letterpress
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Google search
  • Google Maps
  • Rdio
  • iA Writer
  • Grid
  • digg
  • Malibox
  • Calendars+
  • Clear
  • Rise Alarm
  • Calc
  • Shazam
  • Reuters

Feel free to share yours.