Help me figure this out; XboxOne and Video Files

Right now I do everything with XBMC.. but With the XBone (fucking love that name) coming out I was thinking how i could use the XB1 as my main media device. Right now I have XBMC running on an HTPC. I wirelessly tell XBMC to play what I want from my Android phone through the XBMC app. It works extremely well.

I want to have the XB1 as my primary device.. and not have to switch to the HTPC to play my videos (75% mkv) . The only thing preventing me from doing this today is lack of mkv support and a terrible XB360 interface (XBMC is so pretty).

I've just found out that you can use the "play-to" function in some Win8 Apps to be able to shoot MKV files to the Xbox. I'm in the process of moving so my Xbox360 is pcaked away; I can't verify. If that's true that mean I might be able to get rid of the HTPC altogether.

The problem with most of these Win8 Media Apps is they don't do what XBMC or Plex does and pull in all the metadata (art and such). So you just get a list of files. Anyone know of a nice app that would do this that I could also use the play-to from? Like does the Plex app for Win8 allow you to "Play-to"? I don't mind running a Plex server if that's the case.

Help appreciated, what's your setup like? I'd like to get down to 1 device to rule them all.