Which current VZW android phone will age most gracefully?

Hey team:

Unfortunately I'm going to be stuck with Verizon for the forseeable future. I'm due for an upgrade and have always been an android loyalist. So my question is this: which current Verizon Wireless android offering will best stand the test of time?

I'm currently rocking a Galaxy Nexus which I feel has done a fairly decent job of feeling current thanks only to dev support. Prior to that I had a Droid Charge which was just...well...the worst phone experience I think I've ever had. Just terrible.

I guess my point is that while I prefer Android to iOS and WP8, Android phones have a track record of aging very poorly. My Droid Charge was embarrassingly behind the times after just 6 months of ownership. On the other hand, the iPhone 4 still looks and runs like a premium offering, even in today's market. Right now I'm torn between the Moto X and the HTC One. I want to believe the Moto X will stand the test of time and that's what I'd prefer..but what do you all think?