Should I Buy A Windows Phone Right Now/Soon?

TL;DR: I'm upgrading my phone on Verizon, always wanted a Windows Phone, but the ecosystem has been so lacking that I've continually passed it over.

Slightly longer version: I've wanted a Windows Phone for five years. I wanted to get a Windows-powered smartphone with a Zune built-in. I was hyper-ecstatic when they unveiled WP7 and was about to get one that Fall, but they only brought them out on GSM carriers while I was on Sprint. So, I went to Android and I've been locked in ever since, although I did switch to Verizon to get the Galaxy Nexus.

Before all this Nokia announcement nonsense, I was pretty hot for a Droid Maxx, but $299.99 is pretty crazy for me right now... or in the next forever. Verizon's only had one Lumia in the past ever and I doubt they'll be getting a new one any time soon. They're usually cheap, anyway; the 928 is free with two year contract. Plus, I was a big webOS fan, so I want to try something crazy.

I do have concerns, though:

- I'm embedded in Google's ecosystem and I'm a bit worried about the back-and-forth there.

- I reviewed the HTC Arrive two years ago and the OS felt so simple that it was restrictive. Meanwhile, Android has done better and better to make an incredible OS with tons of options right in the folds.

- Apps. I know there are some good third-party replacements, but eh?

- The aforementioned new hardware.

Thoughts? Now? Should I wait? Will there ever be another Lumia on Verizon again?