Prepare yourself: The Macbook Pros are coming.

So, now that the Sept. 6 deadline for the $100 Apple Education App Store gift card is no loner available, I've crossed the MBA off of the list. Time to see what Apple has in store for the new Haswell MBP.

I don't know if they'll announce at the Sept. 10, but given that Mavericks reportedly isn't supposed to be ready until the end of October - maybe they'll be waiting for the iPad keynote.

Let's round up some anticipated changes, shall we?

  • Obviously Haswell - HD 5100 for the 13" AND HD 5200 for the 15"?
  • Thinner chassis for 13" - currently the 15" is thinner.
  • Thunderbolt 2.0?
  • Hopefully some weight reduction although no guarantees, that's MBA territory

What else?