What if Surface Pro 2...

...weights the same as 1st gen Surface Pro, is neither thinner nor lighter than the predecessor and have only +2 hrs of battery life (6-7 hrs)? Thurrott's and Warren's reports suggest that.

Sony proved that they could build Haswell device under 10 mm of thickness, with active digitizer at ~700 g (about 200 g lighter than 1st gen Surface Pro).

If what I said in the beginning is true, is there any hope for Surface Pro? I'm waiting for Pro 2 - I thought it's my next (expecting +3-4 hrs to the battery life in thinner form factor), but I'm not gonna buy 2 lbs, 13 mm thick (+ cover) TABLET. In this worst-case scenario, I'd rather get full-blown laptop like Yoga Pro 13, ThinkPad Yoga or Vaio Tap 11.

I know there are jus speculations, but it seems like Thurrott is quite certain about his predictions.

PS: Best case scenario? Surface Pro 2 in a body of Surface RT. But I don't think that's the case unfortunately.